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Prostate massage on video

The nurse does prostate massage

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Massage - is a method when there is an influence on the body's tissues. Done it by hand or with the help of special devices. Irritated skin, muscles, and is transmitted to the central nervous system. This stream of pulses increases the tone of the nervous system, which has a positive effect on the activity of all physical systems. The result is improved redox process in the mechanisms of tissue.

For the prevention of prostate disease is prostate massage or hygienic massage. Widely used classical method of general massage. The legs and lower back strongly knead, stomach, arms not much warming up. Then, you head massage. Segmental massage is performed when the patient lies on his stomach, back massage first, and then the pelvis and sacrum.

Starting from the bottom, warm up muscles of the buttocks. If the patient suffers pain in the bladder, it can be removed by massaging the lower abdomen and pubic area. Then massaged the thigh and buttocks. Next massage is performed in the abdominal area. In the treatment of disorders of the reproductive system in men doing massage sacro-pelvic and iliac-tibial area surface of the buttocks and abdomen. All of the techniques make strong incentives and increase blood circulation through the veins, and has beneficial effects on the nervous and mental disorders in a patient. Also has a positive effect on the nervous system more movement in the pubic area.

Vibration massage - is when there is pressing down the rhythmic movement of the fabric, it is held by the device "Vibromassage." Use rounded rubber or plastic cap, which affects a small vibration in the region of the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. At this time, the most effective massage for patients with prostatitis is transrectal massage, this is when the prostate is massaged.

When exposed to the prostate gland are activated seminal vesicles, bladder and testicles. Naturally, after a massage effect appears increaser. This massage can prolong sexual intercourse, increased excitability. If there is no anejaculation while positive will conduct training with a special vibrator. Naturally, if the patient has any inflammation, it is best to refrain from some time massage.

Prostate massage without contraindications may even threaten the health of the patient. To perform this massage the patient takes the position on her knees and elbows and bends back or lying on your side. Under these provisions in relaxation of pelvic muscles, making it easier to reach the top of a finger cancer. Preferably in this massage to the patient was full bladder, it gives the opportunity to approach the rectum with your finger.

In the complex treatment of patients with sexually transmitted diseases first thing that matters is the elimination of stagnation. What it means to you for treatment, tell your doctor.


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