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Beautiful girl - soapy massage for a guy

Thai massage for men

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Can't Imagine It? We already did... Make Fantasy a Reality


I love to massage, and if my client is a man, it's just a joy for me. And today came to me quite a nice client. He striped shirt. Appearance lie to yourself, bushy eyebrows, chin, manly, tall, all this is certainly a plus. We greet each other with a handshake and a smile to the contact came between us. This will help overcome the barrier of shyness and a bit liberate us. We sat down on a comfortable sofa. On this day in my short black dress, it is the best emphasizes the dignity of the figure.

A young man tells of bulk in recent issues. I love to please customers, especially in difficult moments of life. Erotic massage session involves several steps. The first stage - the bath using a gentle lather. Talk a little bit, we go to the bathroom and there, I undress client. Completely naked, we go into the shower. My current client is already beginning to be excited, it's easy to see by looking at his genitals. And this is no accident, because I, too, completely naked and desirable, standing next to him.

My hands begin to rub the guy's body sponge, washcloth nice pink color. I, too, lather your body and start to touch his penis. It is quite resilient and prepared to work a hundred percent. Our bodies are wet and we need to use the towels that we are doing. Already in the room, I lay down on an inflatable mattress and begin to rub his body with soap suds. The client at this time looks to me his desire to grow with each passing minute. Having the pleasure of seeing my beautiful body, I suggest a man to join me.

He happily agrees and goes on the mattress.

My hands cover his back by a soap. My body slides along the body of Man. And then he turns back and I take my penis. I have a very rich imagination, my hands get up with him so, what every man dreams of. And the climax, the client ends up happily and looks at me with grateful eyes.

That's ten minutes to get the most joy. My company will like everyone, because I am a professional in their field. Soap massage can help everyone, and perhaps give a new experience that you have not yet experienced.


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