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Beautiful erotic massage for women

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Can't Imagine It? We already did... Make Fantasy a Reality


Communication occurs through breathing, heartbeat, and a dance in which the body rejects all ordinary and plunges into a deep state. This is the essence for Oleg Vassiliev, which contains the characters of five animals: the eagle, turtle, snake, dragon and a tigress. Eagle freedom expressed in this massage. When the movement liberated and not coercion.

Tortoise puts us closer to the ground, Oleg represents the world, the sky and the view from the opposite side. Snake shows intelligence, wisdom and character of the continuous cycle of life. Tigress shows elegance and power that overwhelms her over the edge. The dragon is a mythical creature, demonstrates the power of massage.

Dance of the five animals is complete freedom of action and emotion, which are transferred from massage to the girl. Incredibly beautiful consistency of movements said that person knows what he does. When you watch this video in some detail can be represented by each of the animals that are clearly expressed through body language.

In general, this type of massage is very unusual and it seems kind of strange, but if you look properly and understand what is happening in the painting, you start to think very differently. The girl is doing massage, dance with five animals in a deep and tranquil state, which is impossible to prevent.

For this massage the whole direction of art, one might even say that the whole ritual. And for girls is a great way to forget everything and move to a world of fantasy and tranquility, which does not leave her indifferent.


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