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Hot sex after massage

A female masseuse and client - hidden camera

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Traditional Thai massage is perhaps the most popular in Thailand. Thais call it heals, because its main goal - to bring the body to the state of equilibrium and peace. This type of massage is known around the world not only for its ability to relax the body, as by the fact that it helps to put in order the soul. This is not surprising, because the Thai massage has its roots in the origins of the ancient cultures of China and India.

And in the east has always paid more attention to spiritual harmony. Thai massage is considered the father of Dr. Jivaka, physician Indian king, who lived more than two thousand years ago. In Asian culture massage used for medicinal purposes along with Thai medicine. It may seem that Thai massage or massage at all, but just a set of stretching exercises.

But it is not. At the heart of Thai massage is the interaction of power engineer masseur and patient. If you follow the Eastern philosophy, it is clear that energy is not just wander in our body, and flows from one channel to another. Thai massage is designed to work with these channels, it allows you to restore the balance of energy in different parts of the body.

Maybe that's why, before massage is only monks and tried to keep this art woman's hand. It is from - for its soothing properties Thai massage is considered the best antidepressant. But, like any other skill, it requires professionalism. Massage is performed on a special mat and massazhiruemy should always be dressed in a thing of a natural fabric. It is also very important to the internal state of the people.

And masseuse and massazhiruemy should be quiet. When the therapist must always pay attention to only massage, no matter what distractions. Transitions from different positions should be smooth and soft, and the patient should inform, if he's in pain or uncomfortable. But the most important factor is the patient's breathing. It determines the rhythm and intensity of the massage.

Thai massage is recommended for people who feel stiffness in the joints and muscles, and to relieve physical stress, as well as having a mental disorder, such as depression. The main results of massage affect spiritual level. Restores internal balance, harmonize the nervous system.

Real Thai massage promotes the normal operation of the body and the spirit. And besides this is a good prevention of many diseases.


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