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Erotic sensual massage videos


Erotic massage - is an excellent means by which you can diversify your sexual life. Because human skin has thousands of nerve endings, which are in turn related to the so-called "pleasure center". Note that here there is some hard and fast rules, there are only suggestions, observing that you can give your partner an unforgettable experience.

There are three components of the machinery of any massage that should definitely learn. So:

1. The pressure. Experts say that regular massage is different from the erotic to the first pressure. Because here you do not aim to relax the muscles. Therefore, this massage is best to start with light pressure and then gradually increase them. But remember that in areas of gentle pressure should be reduced. And do not forget to watch the reaction partner, as it is best for you will tell us that he likes, and dislikes.

2. Speed. The technique of erotic massage plays an important role speed of its implementation. So, for example, the slower this process, the faster relaxing partner, and make fast movements massage stimulating. Note that to start doing this massage is best in the rate at which the condition to be your partner. Thus, if he is relaxed, begin with deep, slow strokes, and when wound up, then with quick movements, which gradually will need to slow down.

3. Continuity. It is very important during this exciting procedure does not interrupt the hands of a loved one. Therefore, even at a time when you need to change position or move to other parts of the body, be sure to keep one hand on the body of a loved one. Remember, surface stroking, beautiful way of communication between different parts of the session.

And finally, I want to note that massage the back of the body, the front surface of the body and foot massage slightly differ in technique. For example, if a partner is lying on his stomach, then the procedure must start with a shoulder massage and neck and only then move on to the arms, back and buttocks. If the favorite is back, erotic massage should start with the shoulders and neck, and only then gradually descends to the stomach and genitals as if by accident, lightly touch his intimate place of the back. But with a foot massage experts recommend particular attention paid to the inner sides of thighs, because they are considered erogenous zones.